DM-1 Shifter

Color: black


The DM-1 shifter is packed full of engineered designs to maximize your driving experience. Available for nearly all manual Subarus, this is not only the strongest Suabru shifter available but also has the shortest throw capabilities with nearly 50% shorter throw than OEM. Manufactured in the USA, we use only the best industry techniques and materials to create this beast. Powder coated A356 T6 treated castings, and a combination of anodized Billet 6061 and 7075 aluminum make up all structual components. The shifter pivots on a custom designed CNC machined U-joint. The U-joint utilizes four deep groove cageless ball bearings. Our proprietary Patent Pending (17/397,764) design, address's fundamental engineering mechanics that set the DM-1 apart from every other short shifter package on the market. No other short shifting package comes close to adressing the multidude of solutions that the DM-1 provides.




Our chassis mounted design secures the foundation of the DM-1 in a fixed position relative to the driver. Both the driver and shifter are secured to the chassis of the vehicle which prevents a relative change in position under extreme driving conditions. Mounting the foundation to the chassis also provides the most efficient energy transfer both in and out of the DM-1's pivot point. Other aftermarket short throw kits utilize a series of bushings for the shifter's foundation. These options allow the shifter's pivot point to move when work is being transferred in and back out of the system ultimatley taking away from the amount of effort required to shift.



Adjusting the height of the DM-1 does not require ANY tools or the dissasembly of your interior that other solutions require. Simply rotate your billet aluminum leather boot collar for over an inch of relative height adjustment. This easy adjustment can provide both a change in throw and a change in the drivers required, "Force" needed to shift. You will find that increasing the distance of the shift height will make it easier to shift, and vice versa, because of the relationship between "Force", "Distance", and "Work". 



Our independent throw adjustment features 2 different throw options for the drivers tuneability. The options provide an adjustment similar to the current short shift solutions, and an even shorter throw adjustment for drivers looking for the quickest shifts. Our throw settings were meticulously designed using simulations in CAD to place the settting positions tangent to the OEM shift arms pivot point. What this all means, is that when changing between the settings, the shift knob angle retains its same position. This is not a feature found in other aftermarket solutions.



The 10th and 11th image show the DM-1 in the shortest adjustment settings, installed in a vehicle. All pictures of the DM-1 show 3rd and 4th gear shifter positions. Side profile images are also show of the DM-1 in 3rd and 4th gear on a test stand that is connected to a transmission. For demonstration purposes, the OEM 5-speed shifter is also show in the same circumstances for referance.



Please read fitment notes below for specific vehicles. This product is intended for off-road and track use. It is recommended that older vehicles have either upgraded or replaced their factory motor and transmission mounts. We recommend running either a race or track style mount with the DM-1. We only confirm fitment for a factory vehicle with its original transmission.

  • WRX VEHICLES With 5-speed transmissions, must install the 6-speed transmission shift arm with the DM-1 shifter. Subaru part number: 35041FG010 (available in our store).

    -The 5-speed leather boot needs to be switched out with the coresponding years STI leather boot, or the boot's opening needs to be cut large enough to fit around the DM-1 boot collar. 

    -The 05 and previous WRX transmissions need the newer style 5-speed shift linkage update package from Turn in Concepts.