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DM-1 V2 Shifter
  • DM-1 V2 Shifter
  • DM-1 V2 Shifter
  • DM-1 V2 Shifter
  • DM-1 V2 Shifter
  • DM-1 V2 Shifter
  • DM-1 V2 Shifter
  • DM-1 V2 Shifter

DM-1 V2 Shifter




The DM-1 V2 shifter is packed full of engineered designs to maximize your driving experience. Available for nearly all manual Subarus, this is not only the strongest Suabru shifter available but also has the shortest throw capabilities with nearly 50% shorter throw than OEM.

Manufactured in the USA by DARKMATTERX, we use only the best industry techniques and materials to create this beast. Billet aluminum makes up all structual components. The shifter pivots on a custom designed CNC machined U-joint. The U-joint utilizes four, deep groove ball bearings for an exceptioanlly smooth shift. Our Patented design address's fundamental engineering mechanics that set the DM-1 V2 apart from every other short shifter package on the market.





Our centering mechanism uses billet aluminum components, twin detents, a torsion spring, and an ENDURO MAX radial bearing for the most precise movements. The spring pressure has been increased compared to the OEM feel to give the user a firmer shift when moving the shifter out of center. The centering mechanism works in conjunction with the one inside of your transmission. This feature helps greatly when shifting through the entire "H" pattern by helping guide the shifter through the gears easier. For example, during a 2nd to 3rd gear shift the centering mechanism will help guide the shifter into 3rd gear easier making sure you don't miss. 



Factory WRX and STI shifters are not equipped with a shift stop on the shifter assembley. The DM-1 V2 shift stop comes standard and provides improved mechanical feel when selecting 1st or 2nd gear. This is achieved by phyisically stopping the shifter on the stops low friction Delrin surface and allowing the shifter to move into 1st or 2nd gear with ease. 



Our chassis mounted design secures the foundation of the DM-1 V2 in a fixed position relative to the driver. Both the driver and shifter are secured to the chassis of the vehicle which prevents a change in position under extreme driving conditions. Mounting the foundation to the chassis also provides the most efficient energy transfer both in and out of the DM-1 V2's pivot point rather than using a series of soft rubber busings found on OEM & aftermarket designs.



Adjusting the height of the DM-1 V2 does not require ANY tools or the dissasembly of your interior that other aftermarket shifters require. Simply rotate your billet aluminum leather boot collar for over an inch of shift knob height adjustment. This easy adjustment can provide both a change in throw and a change in the force required to shift.



Pick from two different throw settings to tune the throw to your liking. Adjusting the throw between the two settings has no affect on the shifters height and only changes the throw of the shifts.

* Pre 2008 Subaru chassis running a DM-1 shifter must use the lower throw setting.

* 2008+ Subaru chassis can use either throw setting




Please read fitment notes below for specific vehicles. This product is intended for off-road and track use. We only confirm fitment for a factory vehicle with its original transmission.

  • WRX VEHICLES With 5-speed transmissions, must install the 6-speed transmission shift arm with the DM-1V2 shifter. Subaru part number: 35041FG010 (available in our store).

    -The 5-speed leather boot needs to be switched out with the coresponding years STI leather boot, or the boot's opening needs to be cut large enough to fit around the DM-1V2 boot collar. 

    -The 05 and previous WRX transmissions need the newer style 5-speed shift linkage update package from Turn in Concepts.

Looking for more information on customer experience with our products? Our reputation speaks for itslef, read more on our testimonial page!


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