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Independent Throw Adjustment

Choose between two different throw settings to fit your driving style. The lower setting is designed to inspire a longer throw than its neighbor setting, while the highest of the settings utilizes the shortest possible throw distance that the car and shifter are capable of performing. Hole placement is specifically offset to help retain the same shift knob angle in both of the settings. 08+STI 08-14WRX can use both throw options, previous models use lower setting only.  

Engineered in-house, is a brand new way to easily fine tune the shift knob height. On-the-fly adjustments can be made by simply rotating the leather boot-collar left or right. Over an inch of total travel height is designed into this feature. This also doubles as a throw adjustment and significantly changes the amount of leverage the shifter has by lowering or raising it.

Tool Free Shift Height Adjustment

Chassis Mounted Foundation 

The corner stone of the shifter. A custom billet, 6061 aluminum U-joint and housing. The U-joint pivots on four, deep grove, double sealed ball bearings. The billet housing uses interchangeable brackets to statically mount onto the cars chassis using only existing mounting points. No modifications are required to mount the DM-1 shifter into the car.

When it comes to OEM parts, we know that there can be room for design improvements. Watch the video to see the side-by-side comparison of the DM-1 and the OEM shifter assembly.

Learn About The DM-1

Ultimate Shifting Experience

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Made in America and designed in CAD, the DM-1 is manufactured using the best industry techniques. 


A356 T6 Casting

Billet Aluminum Foundation

Enduro MAX Ball Bearings

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