DM-2 Pre Order 2015+ WRX

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For the first time ever, you can now replace the ENTIRE OEM shifting assembly in the 2015+ WRX and convert over to linkage shifting with the DM-2. This shifter offers the Ultimate Shifting Experience for you and your WRX, further connecting you to your car.


Engineered from the ground up, the DM-2 has gone through rigorous testing and development by Dark MatterX to bring you the most direct and responsive shifting.



The 6061 billet aluminum foundation is secured to the chassis using 304 stainless steel mounting brackets, whereas OEM shifter mounts to the vehicle using an entirely plastic housing.



OEM WRX shifters use a plastic cup full of grease to pivot the shifter from gear to gear. The DM-2 has a billet steel u-joint that is pre-loaded onto four, ENDURO MAX ball bearings for durability and directness.



The DM-2 uses steel linkage with chromoly steel, PTFE lined rod ends that connect the shifter to the transmission shift plate. Our linkage allows the transmission to perform pitching and rolling movements for stress free shifting in corners and hard acceleration.



Our proprietary self-centering mechanism uses billet aluminum components, spring-loaded steel balls, a torsion spring, and an ENDURO MAX radial bearing for the most precise movements. Our steel balls are loaded against a custom self-lubricating igus bearing to give a crisp "home" for the shifter when centering itself in neutral. The spring pressure has been increased compared to the OEM feel to give the user a firmer shift when moving the shifter out of center.



Adjusting the height of the DM-2 does not require ANY tools or the disassembly of your interior that other solutions require. Simply rotate your billet aluminum leather boot collar for over an inch of relative height adjustment. This easy adjustment can provide both a change in throw and a change in the drivers required, "Force" needed to shift. You will find that increasing the distance of the shift height will make it easier to shift, and vice versa, because of the relationship between "Force", "Distance", and "Work".


The advertised shifter is the "Beta" testing shifter. This pre order is a one-time payment for the production model DM-2 which may vary in appearance from the "Beta" model, but will retain the same feel, functions, and materials that are used on the "Beta" testing DM-2 shifter. The current expected delivery date for those who pre order is Q1 of 2023. Check out our YouTube Channel, Discord, or Social Media accounts to learn more about the testing and engineering behind the DM-2!


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