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By far, the firmest and concise shifter on the market. As soon you open the box you can tell this product is well thought out. The shifting experience is night and day. Highly recommended

Grant Sampson


By far one of the best shifter feels! The fact that I can adjust how I want the throws to be while driving is very cool! It just blows my mind how much of a difference it is compared to stock! I highly recommend them for anyone that’s able to get one!!!

Jeremy Yeatman


Got the DM-2 for my Forester Diesel. Fits perfectly, and also works with the Cobb short shift plate. They need to be sold in pairs; one for your car, the other on the Mantle Piece (or the Pool Room, as we say here in Australia).

It's definitely a 'Drivers' shifter, no matter what car it's in. Make's the daily drive more enjoyable. Reverse, is particularly easier to select. And with the odd gear ratios that Subaru chose for the Diesel; the DM-2 enables later (and quicker), shifting; which improves the cars driveability into corners, and round-a-bouts.

Overall, it means we get down to the Dog Park, super quick. And when I tell people I have a DM-2, they all want to have a play with my knob 😂

#EE20 #Subaru Diesel #Forester DieselGot the DM-2 for my Forester Diesel. Fits perfectly

Adrian Mong


I love my short shifter. This is my first time with one and at first, I was worried because it felt a little rough, but after getting used to it it was just great. I noticed the difference in shifting right away and don't think I would go back to the OEM shifter.

Javier Lopez


I have a 94 WRX from Japan whose shifter was on the outs, the bushings were shot, and I knew I needed a replacement. At this point I reached out to Erik to see if he thought the new one would fit into the GC chassis, and he said it would! I ordered the Shifter during its production and the company kept us informed the whole way through and before the unit shipped Erik reached out to confirm the order and the unit arrived within a few days after that! The unit is extremely well built and solid, install was simple and straight forward with no issues to speak of. The unit was an extremely import upgrade shifts are smooth crisp and quick, the shifter wants to go from 2-3 and 3-4 effortlessly and makes driving it very enjoyable. This is one of the best upgrades that I have done to my car after suspension work!!

Josh Allison


We performed an STi swap on our VB WRX and although the STi shifter was great, the DM1-V2 was in a league of its own!

This unit is fantastic and well worth the investment, whether you’re a daily driver or a track enthusiast!

The shifts are precise and the centering mechanism is just perfect!

Well done DarkMatterX on a brilliant design!




Just installed this on my 22 WRX, replacing the OEM short throw, and what a difference! Gear selection is short and has a very positive feeling engagement. It is an extremely well machined and assembled product! 10/10.

Nate Darling


The shifter has performed well cruising the canyons on northern NM and has a really engaging feel when shifting. This is a must have for any Subaru performance enthusiast.

James Corgi


Went from a a cobb short shifter with poly bushings and definitely A nice lil upgrade from that. Well built and made in America and awesome customer service. Thanx again guys.

Matthew Engels


Absolute game changer. I had the OEM short shift kit, drove my buddies KartBoy setup... nothing and I mean absolutely nothing compares to the DM-1. Completely changed the car and I couldn't be happier.

Zach Vogelsang


Incredible! I had the factory short shifter and upgraded the bushings; it shifted decent. Being a 2013 my shift linkage bushing wore out so with that being replaced I decided to have the DM1 installed. What a difference - the shifts are so precise and the shift throw is incredibly short! You won't regret buying and installing this!

Leo Ines


This shifter is truly a game changer. I previously had a kartboy paired with kartboy whiteline bushing as well as a solid ujoint. It felt good but there was still some play In the shifter that hinder to true connection when shifting. The dm1 eliminated that play and gave a solid connection. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to eliminate shifter slop

Josh Roybal


I've been looking for a solid feeling shifter ever since I got my subaru legacy I've had decent luck out of cobb but still feel ed like it just wasn't there so I installed the soild u joint to get some of the slop out and still wasn't happy install the dark matter and man i love it feels so much better exactly what I was hoping and looking for great product very clean build and easy install

Jonathan woodbury

Coming from kartboy SS. The DMX SS is hands the the best SS on the market short crisps shifts .highly recommended on your sti or wrx

Aaron Lopez


Darkmatterx Point blank the best shifter I have ever had on any subaru I have owned. Not going to name drop others but I have had many different short shifters. The Darkmatterx short shifter isn’t just a short shifter, No it’s an experience!!! Would highly recommend getting yourself one, plus it’s made right here in the USA. Thank You Darkmatterx for making the best shifter on the market for a subaru. Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with next!!

Tim Richards


It's just better.

I spent a lot of time improving the shifting experience of my 2016 STI. Started with the STI short shifter, then installed Kartboy bushings and a Kartboy shifter. Then I upgraded the linkage bushings to TiC. I then changed the Kartboy shifter for a TiC Tallboy. At that point, I would argue my STI shifted about as good as you could get with the stock designed setup.

The DarkmatterX shifter is an order of magnitude better. Shorter throws, more mechanical feel, less gear whine, reduced East/West play, zero North/South play, and no real increase in effort.

Adjustability is terrific, and the handle looks great. The rest of the mechanism is hidden from view under the console and boot.

Installation is not any more difficult than changing bushings.

I can't recommend this enough!

Russell Mezger


This shifter was a massive upgrade to my street-driven 2002 WRX racecar. The DM-1 follows a long line of other short throw shifters that I have tried over the years and is by far my favorite. The adjustability of the height makes a huge difference to comfort while on track while keeping the throw short to minimize time spent shifting. The solid mount and bushing give an incredibly direct and purposeful feel to each gear, and feeling every part of the gear change lets me be more precise with each shift. After putting it to work on the track, I won’t return to any of the other short throw options for the rest of my Subarus.

Nigel Teags


The DM-1 Shifter is by far the most solid shifter I have ever used. It is the third shifter I have had installed in my 2018 STI. The DM-1 provides confidence during daily driving and on the track. It stays in gear and provides the shortest throw of the 3 shifters I have had installed. If anyone is looking to shorten the throw and increase their driving performance, this is the shifter to go with, hands down.

Leah Oliver



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