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Subaru Precision Shift Arm
  • Subaru Precision Shift Arm
  • Subaru Precision Shift Arm
  • Subaru Precision Shift Arm

Subaru Precision Shift Arm



This DARKMATTERX product instantly eliminates ALL

left-to-right shifter play being caused from the OEM shift arm design. Our precision shift arm is a direct replacement to the OEM shift arm and requires zero modifications or changes, simply un-install your factory shift arm and replace it!


*Advertised is a prototype

used in testing, read below for production model information.





Welded to our shift arm is a precision, needle bearing u-joint that requires no assembly unlike the OEM & aftermarket designs. Our u-joint is preloaded with needle bearings for smooth, instantaneous engagement which eliminates all slop present in the OEM design. Other aftermarket designs can't achieve this ease of movement because there is no way to tighten the connections down all the way without binding up your shift linkage.



A Cerakoted finish ensures that our product lasts a lifetime by protecting the metal from corrosive, outside environments.



Directly replaces the OEM Subaru shift arm for a factory fit without having to modify the vehicle in any way.



*Not pictured*

This product will also come standard with a rubber boot installed over the u-joint. This boot will keep out moisture and debris ensuring the u-joint has a barrier of protection unlike the OEM & aftermarket designs.


Current orders are expected to ship in March. Pecision Shift Arms will be introduced for more models. DM-1 Shifters have their own shift arm being released shortly! This product is not compatible with DM-1 shifters.

    Looking for more information on customer experience with our products? Our reputation speaks for itslef, read more on our testimonial page!


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